What travel means to me

What travel means to me:

  • Seeing the bigger world gave me a big heart. Let me not stick to the trivial in life, and no longer interested in the various street, gossip, gossip.
  • Let me understand that what I thought must be right may not be right.
  • Let me find that many things that I once thought were particularly important are not as important as I thought.
  • Let me be willing to accept the views of different people and try not to persuade others. The world is colorful because of its many voices. And nothing is ever right or wrong.
  • Let me see that people's lives can be so different. Life can be incredibly colorful, or dead, depending on your mood and attitude.
  • Let me believe that if I were thrown into any corner of the world, I would live without fear and manage my life well.
AND,What does travel mean to you ?

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